KKK Flyers Distributed In Bloomington Also Found On IU's Campus

Aug 7, 2019

Groundskeepers found the flyers on North Jordan Avenue near 17th Street.
Credit File Photo: WFIU/WTIU News

Indiana University Bloomington Provost Lauren Robel sent an email to the campus community Tuesday saying groundskeepers found five flyers purporting to be from the Ku Klux Klan. The email says they were identical to "neighborhood watch" flyers residents found throughout Bloomington Monday. 

The email says IU Police are investigating. They're working with Bloomington and state police. 

In her message, Robel says the KKK is a vile organization and its views are shared by at least one of the suspects in mass shootings this week

"It is particularly cruel and reprehensible that the KKK has decided that now is an opportune time to litter our community with flyers, appearing with the organization's typical cowardice under cover of night."

Robel says IU rejects the KKK's views and is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment. 

She urges anyone with information or concerns about the flyers to contact IU Police at 812-855-4111.