Lafayette Council considering larger budget for 2013

Sep 6, 2012

The City of Lafayette is expected to work with about $1.8 million more next year. The city council will take a first vote on the 2013 budget Monday.

Mayor Tony Roswarski says the increase is due primarily to four areas.

"That's a two percent raise for our employees. That's a 12 percent placeholder on insurance. It's an increase in the Public Employees Retirement Fund that we're required to do, and then some bump in gasoline costs. When you add that all up, that's about 95 percent of the increase, so it's really a lean budget."

He says the city will make cuts to other areas to offset some of the increases.

"We cut back in some supply lines. We looked at some equipment lines, decreasing some costs in utilities where we can. We've been able to cut a little bit here, a little bit there. There wasn't one magic bullet to make it possible."

Roswarksi also is trying to enhance Lafayette’s rainy day fund.  He hopes to add about $300,000 to that.

The council will vote on the 2013 spending plan Monday.