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Girlpuppy, 'Miniature Furniture'

Songwriter Becca Harvey started the musical project Girlpuppy after the pandemic forced her out of her bakery job in East Atlanta last year. But "Miniature Furniture" — the second single off Swan, her debut EP (produced and co-written by Phoebe Bridgers collaborator Marshall Vore) — isn't jaded with the vertigo of the past year. The melody is playful and easygoing, as Harvey paints a hopeful summertime daydream, though you wouldn't know it from merely reading the lyrics. "I'm sitting high crossing through state lines and it all unravels / My state of mind stuck on Eastern time, we'll be talking soon enough," she sings before sidestepping the serious with the heartfelt: "Now you're crying in public and I don't know what to do / And you're promising me that you'll get better soon." If anyone's pandemic side hustle sticks, I hope it's Harvey's.

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