Cindy Murray

Columbian Park's public art

May 23, 2013

Some new animals are coming to Lafayette’s Columbian Park thanks to the Mayor’s Youth Council. The ten animals are concrete statues that line the tracks of the train ride.

City Clerk Cindy Murray says the teens were responding to a challenge to liven up the area.

“We had them painted. We tried to keep to the same color scheme the park already has with the rides. We have a pink zebra with black stripes and green giraffe with yellow dots,” she says. “We also have three benches. One is a caterpillar and butterfly on one end. We have a giraffe bench.”

Lafayette city employees team up to slim down

May 3, 2012

Lafayette city employees lost nearly 950-pounds throughout the past 12-weeks.

It was a part of a contest called “Slim City,” based on the T-V show the Biggest Loser.

City Clerk Cindy Murray helped coordinate the effort.

She says say weight loss is important for overall health and to keep insurance premiums low.

About 120 employees participated in the contest and worked in teams of three.

The winning and third place teams are from the Lafayette Fire Department.

The members of the winning team each received $100 gift cards.