The Indiana Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs (ICHLA), a nonpartisan state agency, is holding statewide listening sessions to identify the issues and concerns faced by the Hispanic and Latino communities.

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It was a packed house at the Frankfort Middle School cafetorium – a lunch room with an arched stage off to one side. Supporters of incumbent Mayor Chris McBarnes, many clad in neon green tee shirts advocating their candidate sat on one side. Across a physical  -- if not ideological – aisle were backers of Third District City Councilman Lewis Wheeler, many dressed in red. 

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Latino teens demonstrate higher levels of stress, depression and suicidal thoughts than any other school-age demographic in the state.

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Jill Sheridan reports on one Indiana summer camp that aims to address this problem.
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Though he’s had a couple dozen people express interest in serving on the city’s reconstituted human rights commission, Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton says there’s a problem: almost all of them are white.

“I am struggling with it a little bit because when I look at the group, we’ve had some really good people express interest and I’m excited about that," Barton says. "My primary concern: there’s not much diversity in that group and that does trouble me somewhat.”

Dead Week for Purdue students is the seven days leading up to final exams.  Sleep comes at a premium, bags under their eyes are the latest accessory, and energy drinks are consumed at Nascar speeds.

But, at the Latino Cultural Center, dead week also is a chance for students to gather one last time before the end of the semester.

On December 6th, about 40 students packed inside the LCC. The center provided free meals for them. 

As David Robledo says, it’s just one less thing students have to worry about as they get ready to take their biggest exams of the semester.