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John Kerry Addresses Iran, Afghanistan, TPP In IU Speech

Harrison Wagner

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry paid a visit to Indiana University on Thursday. His talk was part of the dedication of the university’s new Global and International Studies Building. In his speech at the IU auditorium, Kerry discussed foreign policy, globalization and how students can make a difference.

Kerry’s speech was centered on four main aspects of US foreign policy: the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, climate change, the Iran nuclear deal, and problems of religious extremism. He warned that despite chaos and turbulence across the globe, turning inward is not the answer.

“It is precisely because of the complexity of this world that we are required to tackle the hardest challenges and live up to the magnificent legacy we’ve inherited," he told the audience.

He also took time to address President Obama’s announcement today that the U.S. will keep troops in Afghanistan into the end of 2017, beyond the original timeline. He says great strides have been made in the Middle Eastern country and says keeping troops stationed will only encourage more growth.

"When we went in in 2001, there were about 1 million kids in school — no girls," he said.

Secretary Kerry concluded his speech by making an appeal to the students in the audience, urging them to think globally.