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Lafayette manufacturer celebrates 25th anniversary giving back to community

Subaru of Indiana Automotive made three gifts announcements Monday at a lunch celebrating its silver anniversary.

One is a pledge to increase its contributions to the S.I.A. Foundation, which awards grants to groups throughout the state.

Executive Vice President Tom Easterday says over the next ten years, the company will donate about $2.5 million to the Foundation.

"Hopefully that will enable us to double the amount of grants. We've been able to give grants to more than 150 organizations over the years, nearly $800,000."

S.I.A. also is pledging $300,000 to the Intersection Connection project. The money will fund a family center at the yet-to-be-built facility on the Ivy Tech campus.

Executive Director Paul Cramer says it’s fitting that S.I.A. lend its name and financial support to this part of the new location.

"This 'Prime Time-Family Time' center is a socialization area for parents and kids to come together. The kids, ages six weeks up to 12 years old, will have movement and activities areas. The parents can socialization and connect with each other while their kids are right there, so it's a relaxed and comfortable environment for the whole family."

S.I.A. also is giving a new Subaru Outback to the United Way of Greater Lafayette.

United Way C.E.O. James Taylor says no one has ever given the organization a car before.

"Subaru is such a big part of our community and a huge part of our campaign. It's our second largest employee campaign. So, just to be out here and celebrate their 25th anniversary is exciting, but to be given one of their fine products is just amazing."

He plans to talk with company executives about how they envision the United Way using the car.

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