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New state funding formula changes school head count rules

A new state mandate could mean financial challenges for the Tippecanoe School Corporation.

The Indiana Department of Education now requires two yearly head counts of students for its funding calculation.

TSC financial officer Kim Fox says in the past, changes in enrollment from semester to semester have not had an impact on budgets.

"Going forward, that will no longer be the case,” she says. “We will continue to take that fall count and that will fund us from July 1 to December 31. Then we will take a second count in February. That count will then be funding us from January to June."

Fox says the school corporation typically loses students in the second headcount, which would decrease funding for part of the year.

"We will need to make a much more clearly defined headcount in the fall so that we can figure, 'Well, we're going to lose students in the spring.' So, as I work on the 2014 budget, that will definitely be a consideration for me."

But she says the change is not likely to affect personnel decisions for the corporation.

The change is set to impact TSC budgets starting in 2014.

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