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Pence Will Dissolve CECI, Which Competed With Ritz For Educational Power

State of Indiana

Governor Mike Pence announced Thursday that he intends to sign an executive order to dissolve his education agency, the Center for Education and Career Innovation. 

Pence expressed pride in the work CECI has done in the last two years, but says he is aware of the controversy that has surrounded this center since its creation. He says his decision is the first step to get the State Board of Education working again.

"We’ve all seen the headlines, we’ve seen the confusion and even the friction at the highest levels of state government," Pence says. "We’ve all been frustrated. Frankly there are too many entities with overlapping responsibilities in public education at the highest levels in Indiana. For education to work in our state, it has to work at the highest levels."

Penced created CECI in August 2013 and tasked the agency with similar work to the Department of Education’s. It has been a constant point of tension between himself and state superintendent Glenda Ritz ever since.

Ritz said the agency is a threat to her own department, and responded to the governor Thursday saying she welcomes the announcement.

The executive order will likely take effect shortly after the new year.