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ISTEP Score Data To Be Released Next Month

Benjamin Chun

The Department of Education will release 2016 ISTEP data in the coming weeks before calculating A-F grades for schools.

Schools and parents received individual student ISTEP scores back in August, but they were embargoed. Now, the Department of Education is putting together the scores to show data at the school, district and state level.

State superintendent Glenda Ritz says statewide data will be made public in the next month.

ISTEP grades used to be released in the summer, but Ritz says after all the changes regarding the test the last few years, it now takes longer.

“So all the processes are still the same, but they get expanded because of quality checks that are put in place because of new test, and new vendors," Ritz says. 

Preliminary A-F grades for schools will be released at the end of October. 

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