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Former President Bill Clinton Visits Indiana, Extols Virtues of Hillary's Economic Plans

Nathan Gibbs

While Hillary Clinton campaigned in Northern Indiana Tuesday, her husband Bill Clinton spoke at an event in Indianapolis.

The former Democratic U.S. President says Hillary Clinton has the most realistic plan to fix the country’s economic problems.

His speech focused on income inequality, student debt and terrorism.

In an apparent appeal to supporters of Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, Clinton says Hillary Clinton’s economic plan involves giving companies a 15 percent tax credit if they share their profits fairly.

"You've got to reduce the power of the hedge funds and the billionaires to drive all of the profits of corporations only to the shareholders and the top management," he says.

Clinton also talked about rising student debt in America, and Hillary Clinton's plan to let student loan recipients refinance their debt.

"Why can you get a mortgage on a house for 20 or 30 years?" he said.  "Because it's a lifetime asset, right? So is an education."

Clinton ended by talking about terrorist threats around the world, and took an indirect shot at Sanders  by saying Hillary Clinton doesn't need to go to school to learn about geopolitical complexities.

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