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IN Right to Life claims Lafayette clinic is performing abortions illegally

Indiana Right to Life is calling for an investigation into the Lafayette Planned Parenthood clinic. The organization says abortions are being performed inside the health care facility, even though it is not inspected or licensed by the state as an abortion clinic.

The Lafayette facility offers medication abortions.

Right to Life member Connie Basham admits to not being sure if the licensing law covers these procedures and surgical abortions. She says they have asked the attorney general to clarify that as part of the investigation.

The president of Planned Parenthood of Indiana says the health center in Lafayette and its 27 other sites across the state provide services in accordance with the law.

Its website shows the Lafayette facility offers the abortion pill, pre- and post-abortion education, post-abortion follow-up exams, and referrals for other abortion services, as needed.

According to Indiana Code 16-21-2, an "abortion clinic" is defined as a freestanding entity that performs surgical abortion procedures.

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