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United Way of Greater Lafayette exceeds goal

The United Way of Greater Lafayette exceeded its annual campaign goal by $2,824. It was aiming for $4.75 million this year.

Campaign Chair Bill Olds says pledges were still coming hours before the announcement.

"You wonder, sometimes, if you'll ever get to goal, but amazingly, every year, this community comes through in a big fashion."

He says he appreciates the number of organizations, businesses and individuals who step up and donate.

Olds credits the United Way staff and hundreds of volunteers who made the effort a success.

United Way Executive Director James Taylor says this year’s effort played out differently compared to recent years.

"This campaign was a little slower, particularly when we got into October. The pace slowed down a bit and we had to work to get the sense of urgency back."

He says the community responded, which shows members know what's important.

Taylor says meeting the goal means the 23 partner agencies splitting the funds have more certainty with their budgets for the coming year.

"We go through our process in the spring and make some initial funding recommendations, so by hitting the target, we're able to fulfill those commitments."

He says the total amount raised will increase slightly, because some late contributions have not been counted yet. You can still make a donation HERE.

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