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Rally against HJR6 set for Lafayette

Opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in the state are rallying Saturday in Lafayette and other cities throughout Indiana.

Ashley Smith is a board member with Pride Lafayette. She says their coalition against the amendment includes people of many different backgrounds.

“There will be a few Republicans. There will be a few Democrats and some leaders of faith. There will be some moms sharing some stories about their children,” she says. “It will also give us an opportunity to sit and talk with one another about what’s going to happen in the coming weeks.”

If lawmakers approve the resolution this session, which begins January 6, the issue would go to voters in a referendum to decide in November.

Smith says the resolution and campaign against same-sex marriage is divisive with no winners that will hurt people.

“If they voted on whether or not African Americans and Caucasians could marry in the state – if they would have put that vote to the people, the people probably would have voted no,” she says. “It takes our legislators standing up for us – saying this is not OK.”

The rally in Lafayette begins at 2 p.m. Saturday, January 4, at Sylvia’s Brick Oven on Columbia Street, downtown.

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