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Judge Approves Overcharging Lawsuit Against Indiana BMV

Indiana Stan

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles may owe Hoosiers more money.

A judge Monday approved a class-action lawsuit against the BMV and ordered another round of mediation. The agency has admitted to 112 overcharges totaling more than $30 million in recent years.

Indianapolis attorney Irwin Levin – who’s representing plaintiffs in the case -- says the agency needs to repay Hoosiers.

“The BMV will never have integrity until they give people back the money that they overcharged them,” Levin says.

Levin filed the class-action lawsuit against the BMV in Marion Superior Court in 2013.

“They can’t fool Hoosiers,” Levin says. “If you’re going to start a new culture, you don’t start by saying, ‘We’re not going to cheat you anymore.’ You start by saying, ‘We overcharged you, we’re sorry we overcharged you and here’s your money back.’”

Governor Pence announced in February that customers had been overcharged by the BMV for the last six years, including late fees for mobile and manufactured home titles, reinstatement fees paid by those previously uninsured and miscellaneous fee credits.

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