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APC recommends NW Ave. complex

A planned development along Northwestern Avenue across from Mackey Arena is “more subdued” than previous proposals.

That’s according to Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission Assistant Director Ryan O’Gara.

He says Stadium Capital LLC’s plan to build a mixed-use facility on the site falls more in line with the area's makeup than a project that was denied in February.

"There is much to like and we are very, very pleased with the end result," he said.  "The petitioner himself, and the development team, have been very responsive.  They answered all of our criticisms that we laid at "The Landmark" point-by-point and it really provided a project that was worth waiting for.”

Area Plan commissioners recommended a rezoning request for the project by an 11-to-one vote.

It will go in front of the West Lafayette City Council for a final vote, July 2nd.

A similar project was rejected by the Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission in February.

One of the biggest changes from the initial proposal called ‘The Landmark” is the addition of parking spaces.  

The updated plan calls for two levels of underground parking and fewer apartments.

It will feature 230 units with 490 rooms, compared to 600 rooms in the previous proposal.

It also with have a grocery store that is expected to create 110 jobs and offer delivery services.

Officials say the complex has the potential to generate $1-million in annual tax revenue.

However, West Lafayette resident Tim Bobillo says the project is still not the right fit.

"My concerns are with the density, to add 400 new people to a one block area, only two blocks away from a single family neighborhood," said Bobillo.  "I love the students and I love the neighborhood I live in and I think we need to maintain that.  So, just the scope of this project is just too large."

Bobby Egan is the executive director of student government relations at Purdue.  He says the project is an important step forward for campus life.

"I think it really speaks to campus development as far as increasing the experience for students," he said.  "It's not just a densely populated apartment complex with a bunch of students inside, this is going to serve, literally, the tens of thousands of students that are here."