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WL rezoning issues on city council agenda

West Lafayette officials are considering three rezoning ordinances for planned developments in the city.

The projects include a residential building on the corner of Chauncey and Harrison and mixed use properties on Northwestern across from Mackey and at the State Street intersection. Council members discussed the ordinances at a precouncil meeting Thursday.

District One councilor Eddie VanBogaert says the State Street Corner project is good, but not perfect.

“Whenever we consider a planned development there are a lot of conditions that go with that, and so I was a little disappointed that we restricted the hours of alcohol sales in the sort of [Black] Sparrow/Preston's-style restaurant-bar that's going to be proposed in the basement."

VanBogaert expects all three ordinances to receive approval from the council during its meeting Monday. He thinks Purdue as a whole can benefit from increased living space near campus.

“It does achieve greater density, it does bring more apartments within walking distance of campus. So we talk a lot about the traffic problems that we have near campus, and some of that is simply because we have a lot of students who can't live near campus."

The proposals have been backed by the Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission. The West Lafayette City Council meets Monday at 6:30 p.m. in city hall.