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IN's new voter registration forms

The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office is introducing new voter registration forms meant to reduce fraud. The new process is designed to make it easier for county clerks to enroll voters in election years.

During an election year, it’s common to find voter registration drives on college campuses and at community events encouraging people to register to vote. But sometimes the people collecting the registrations will hold onto them until right before the deadline, overwhelming county clerks with lots of last-minute paperwork.

Indiana Secretary of State Communications Director Valerie Kroeger says the new law will stop that.

“By changing the law now so that you have to turn in the voter registration forms within ten days after you collect it from someone, that gives the clerks more time to input the voter registration information," she says. "That way whenever someone goes to vote they’re not having issues of not being in the system yet.”

The other part of the law creates a chain of custody for the registration. When someone registers at a drive, Kroeger says the voter will now get a receipt that includes the name and address of the person registering them.

“There are times when we have large amounts of voter registration forms turned in from these drives and there’s some fraudulent ones stuck in, so if there’s a name of who collected the voter registration form it gives us a contact.”

The new voter registration forms are available now at indianavoters.com.

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