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Frankfort Mayor On Course To Get 15% Pay Raise, Crawfordsville Mayor May Get 3%

City of Frankfort

Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes is on track to get an $8,000 raise next year.

That constitutes a 15-percent increase – compared to the 3-percent pay raise budgeted for most other city employees, as well as the clerk-treasurer and city judge.

Clerk-Treasurer Judy Sheets says, in accordance with federal law, the parks superintendent is set to receive an 8-percent raise.

The Frankfort City Council on Tuesday approved the salary ordinance on second reading. One more vote is required at next month’s council meeting.

Council President Jim Moyer says the city has a surplus and hasn’t given its employees a raise in “a while.”

Still, he voted against the ordinance as a matter of principle.

“When I first ran for the council, I said I’d never vote for a raise for myself,” Moyer says. “And in that salary ordinance, there is a $1,000 raise for the city council members.”

Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton is on track to receive a 3-percent raise, in line with what the city’s clerk and full-time employees would get.

The city council is not budgeted for a pay increase in the Crawfordsville salary ordinance.

The Crawfordsville salary ordinance is up for final approval at the council’s October 17 meeting. 

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