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Montgomery Co. Commissioners Approve Zoning Board Members

Montgomery County Courthouse
Courtesy: Google Maps

Montgomery County now has a board to enforce its new zoning rules. Commissioners approved three appointees to the new Board of Zoning Appeals Monday morning.

The county’s first zoning ordinance was created in part due to heated debate over proposed wind turbine construction. It includes strict limitations that make commercial wind farms very difficult to build.

Commissioner John Frey says the zoning ordinance is written so the new appointees will not have to field as many concerns.

“The way our code is written, it is not that intrusive that the BZA will have a whole lot of work to do,” Frey says.

Plan Commission member Steve Loy, local businessman Todd Douglas and resident Seth Howell are the three new members of the Board of Zoning Appeals. Both Loy and Douglas were involved in the development of the county’s first comprehensive plan.

Frey says Howell was selected because of his stance against wind energy. He says they want to give a voice to the residents who share Howell’s views.

“I personally felt like there needed to be some representation there,” Frey says.

The county also recently appointed Marc Bonwell as zoning administrator.

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