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Incoming Indy Police Chief Troy Riggs Plans For Strict Criminal Policy


Soon-to-be Indianapolis Chief of Police Troy Riggs is perfectly aware that his new job is not going to be an easy one, and is prepared to meet Indianapolis' biggest problems head on.

Riggs says his plan will build on what current Chief Rick Hite has started, focusing in on the most troubled areas of Indianapolis and getting the most violent of Indianapolis' criminals off the streets.

Riggs was appointed by mayor-elect Joe Hogsett Tuesday.

However, Riggs says moving forward it’s not just about arresting violent criminals, it’s about keeping them in prison, and tracking their activity when they are let out.

“We are going to focus on them, watch their every move, work with probation and parole and if they did anything that was potentially violent, put them back in prison before they harm someone in our city,” Riggs says. “We have to be that focused.”

Riggs says there are several factors that contribute to Indy's crime problem.

“Mental illness seems to be a rising issue. 30 to 40 percent of all people that IMPD arrests now have a mental illness,” Riggs says. “The amount of individuals that are reentering society from prison are driving the homicide rate. Over 90 percent of those that are committing homicides in our city have criminal histories, 50 percent of those have used a weapon.”

Overall, he says that police are tired--and citizens should be tired--of violent criminals finding their way back onto the streets without serving their full sentence.

He says that in the future police will use new technology and resources to track and understand more about violent criminals while they are in prison and what can be done to keep them from committing additional violent crimes when they are released.

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