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To Avoid Baltimore-style Problems, Indy To Spend More On Police Accountability

Steve Baker

The City of Indianapolis has taken precautions when it comes to police accountability and avoiding situations like the current one in Baltimore. That‘s according to Public Safety Director Troy Riggs.

Riggs says his department is spending roughly $200,000 modernizing its police review process. He says concerns IMPD officers and citizens alike believed the complaint and review process was antiquated, ineffective and too slow.

Riggs says about $70,000 dollars has been spent on new software to streamline the citizen complaint process. He adds more police supervisors have been getting updated training.

“We’re taking all these steps to make sure that we’re as accountable as we can be, that we have a fair process for our officers and citizens. It seems to be working well,” Riggs says. “When I arrived here we had complaints that were over eight months in age and now, we have lowered that to less than five months, the entire process.”

Riggs says personnel hours, new technology - including the testing of IMPD body cameras - and other issues will bring the tab to about $200,000 dollars.

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