Ask The Mayor: Lafayette's Tony Roswarski On Police Training And Losing Amtrak

Jan 10, 2019

Credit WBAA News

As we were preparing for this week’s Ask The Mayor conversation with Lafayette’s Tony Roswarski, a surprise announcement came from Governor Eric Holcomb’s budget wonks: the state plans to drop its support for the Hoosier State Line.

The Amtrak train has been the subject of frequent budgetary consternation over the last several years, but losing $3.5 million in yearly state support seems likely to mean the train will no longer operate seven days a week. Mayor Roswarski and the other mayors whose cities are served have long said they don’t have the cash to operate the train on their own dime. So we’ll ask the mayor if he’s resigned to no longer having daily train service to Chicago.

Also on this week’s program, how the mayor – who’s a former police officer – is handling the shooting of one Lafayette cop by another earlier this week – and what the incident says about the need for more training.