Ask the Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On Elections, Vaccinations, And March Madness

Jan 7, 2021

Credit WBAA News

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor: Indiana’s vaccination rollout continues, with first responders and Hoosiers aged 80 and older added to the state’s list of recipients. How and when can people register to receive their shots, and how can local officials and agencies help facilitate the process and keep residents informed about next steps?

This week in our talk with West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis, we’ll discuss the city’s involvement in the upcoming March Madness tournament, now slated to take place entirely in Indiana – including West Lafayette. What are the benefits of participating – and the drawbacks?

Plus, we’ll get the mayor’s response to Wednesday’s events in Washington, D.C, when a mob overtook the Capitol building – and Congress ultimately certified President-elect Joe Biden’s election.