Frankfort Seeking Proposals To Manage City Golf Course

Oct 8, 2019

City officials want the property to eventually be self-sustaining.
Credit Courtesy: Frankfort Commons /

Frankfort’s golf course may be under new management before the year is over. The city’s Board of Public Works is seeking proposals to manage the Frankfort Commons property.

Oliphant Management currently operates the course. Mayor Chris McBarnes says the search for new offers is merely a desire to see what else might be available.

“It’s definitely not a reflection on the job currently being produced by our management firm,” he says.

McBarnes says the decision is an opportunity to keep the contract competitive.

“Being tax dollars and public dollars, opening things up to requests for proposals and allowing people to compete, and come in and put in other proposals, I think it produces the best outcome,” McBarnes says.

McBarnes says the city’s budget for next year includes a $150,000 contract to keep the course running, but officials want the property to eventually be self-sustaining. It’s lost money for several years in a row.

But he says the city won’t accept any that change the property into something else. He says the Frankfort Commons must remain a golf course.

“The Frankfort Commons is pivotal to the quality of place here in the community, having a municipal golf course,” McBarnes says.

All written proposals must be submitted by Oct. 18, and the city’s golf committee will give a recommendation Oct. 23. There will then be a public hearing and final vote Nov. 6.