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Four Indianapolis residents have filed a lawsuit trying to get Attorney General Curtis Hill permanently ousted from his position.

The complaint filed in Marion County wants the state Supreme Court to answer a question it refused to address earlier this week: whether the 30-day suspension of Hill’s law license creates a vacancy in the office.

Republicans are advancing a bill to replace Indiana’s method of quickly purging voters from its voter rolls after the current system was halted in court.

An Indiana state senator wants to get rid of primary elections for U.S. Senate races.

Sen. Jim Buck’s (R-Kokomo) legislation was heard by the Senate Elections Committee, though its passage seems unlikely.

The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow Thursday to Indiana activists pushing for comprehensive redistricting reform.

The Indiana Statehouse (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

A top policy expert says the proposed Indiana House rules to govern sexual harassment by lawmakers are comprehensive.

Redistricting reform advocates pack the Indiana House Chamber during a 2017 committee hearing. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana redistricting reform advocates say they’re disappointed and a bit deflated by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decisions in two major cases on partisan gerrymandering.

Advocates for redistricting reform had a message for lawmakers today at the Statehouse: “We’re not going anywhere.”

About 30 people, including representatives from six different advocacy groups, gathered to protest the collapse of redistricting reform efforts this session.

Crafted after a two years of study, House Bill 1014 had overwhelming support from those who attended an Elections Committee hearing, but Committee Chairman Milo Smith didn’t call it for a vote.

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The next time voters choose judges in Marion County, they may not know who's a Republican and who's a Democrat.

A federal court ordered legislators to replace the current system which elects an equal number of Republicans and Democrats in the primary.

The Senate voted to stop electing judges at all, and have a commission appoint them, but then voters would vote yes or no on keeping them. The House version strips the party labels from the yes-or-no ballot.

Defense Trial Council of Indiana spokesman Tom Schultz says that’s a big improvement.

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The U.S. Supreme Court Monday upheld the constitutionality of an independent redistricting commission in Arizona, a system that keeps the redrawing of legislative maps out of the legislature’s hands.

That decision could have a major impact on Indiana as lawmakers prepare to examine ways to take some of the politics out of electoral redistricting.

Indiana legislative leaders – both Republican and Democrat – who’ve long supported redistricting reform overcame a major hurdle this year by gaining support for a redistricting study committee. 

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Just as Indiana begins a long-debated study of redistricting reform, the U.S. Supreme Court may throw a wrench into the process.

The high court will decide this month whether Arizona‘s redistricting commission is unconstitutional.

The case affects only congressional districts, but Common Cause Indiana‘s Julia Vaughn says a ruling striking down commissions would likely torpedo the chance of a creating a similar panel to draw Indiana’s state legislative districts.