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Purdue's University Development Office moving to Purdue Research Foundation

The fundraising arm of Purdue is moving to the Purdue Research Foundation.

The Board of Trustees’ Executive Committee approved the transfer Friday afternoon.

Administrators say it will provide more flexibility and allow both the University Development Office and P.R.F. to better serve donors.

Foundation President Dan Hasler says both have similar functions, so combining the two makes sense.

"The challenge has been doing these things, literally, at the same time in different places just isn’t efficient,” he says. “We think this is going to give us a way to improve our efficiency and our productivity.”

Hasler says the more than 160 members of the Development staff will keep the same benefits they have now and he does not expect anyone to lose their job. He says the transfer should save the university money.

The university's Office of Investment, which manages $3.5 billion of university and foundation assets, also is moving under the P.R.F. organization.

“I think it’s just an opportunity to get a little bit more critical mass in the effort of fundraising and gift processing and managing of the endowment,” he says. “And critical mass gives us the ability to operate with better effectiveness.”

The change is set to take effect January 1, 2014.

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