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Historic Centennial Neighborhood Land Use Plan

City of Lafayette

Lafayette’s Centennial Neighborhood has a Land Use Plan. The city council approved the document, which will be part of the county’s comprehensive plan.

The two year effort deals with future development and preservation efforts, among other things.

Ben Ross, with Ratio Architects, helped create the plan. He says one idea is a new park at Third and Brown streets along the Wabash River.

“I know, at least in the early `90s, there was a proposal for a pedestrian bridge at Brown Street, where the old bridge was located,” says Ross. “A potential gateway into the community from the Levee in West Lafayette and a real resource for an active downtown area where we have a lot of festivals, a lot of events”

Ross also says the current Centennial Park could double in size.

Lafayette Economic Development Director Dennis Carson says the process likely will be used as a model.

“This is a first of its kind that we’ve done for these downtown neighborhoods, so we’d like to replicate this with other neighborhoods,” he says. “Area Plan staff, though, has a lot on its plate already, so it will probably be sometime before we undertake one of this magnitude.”

The plan covers such things as uniform zoning, ideas for parks and green space, and transit needs. You can see the neighborhood land use plan HERE.

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