Ask The Mayor: Crawfordsville's Todd Barton On Human Rights Commission Concerns

Oct 24, 2019

The mayor says he may need to be more involved with the operations of the Crawfordsville Human Rights Commission, which has had few meetings this year.
Credit WBAA News

When Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton reconstituted his city’s defunct Human Rights Commission, it was seen as a chance to adjudicate some lingering issues concerning different types of prejudice in the city.

But since, meetings have become scarce – and this week a member of the commission sent a letter to Mayor Barton, and to WBAA, signaling her displeasure with the actions of the board and her intention to resign from it.

On this week’s Ask The Mayor program, we talk to Mayor Barton about whether his vision for the Commission has worked, and about whether there needs to already be a recommitment to not letting it fade away.

Also on this week’s show, how is the Crawfordsville Police Department responding to an alleged rape at Wabash College, and a lawsuit filed by a woman who says a CPD officer advised her that her claims were unlikely to result in serious punishment for her alleged attacker?