'Hub' Tenants Considering Lawsuit After Move-in Difficulties, Shooting

Sep 27, 2019

The Hub in West Lafayette is part of an effort to develop State Street and the city's downtown.
Credit Courtesy: Core Spaces website

Tenants of West Lafayette’s high-rise apartment complex the Hub are considering filing a class action lawsuit unless the building’s owner, Core Spaces, addresses safety and quality concerns. That’s after multiple controversies, including a delayed move-in and a shooting earlier this month.

Residents have sent a letter of complaint to Core Spaces officials outlining their concerns. They have asked for multiple concessions, including reimbursement for the initial month following move-in when many amenities were not completed or accessible.

Resident Juwon Lee says she paid full price for that month, despite the difficulties. She has contacted Core Spaces with her complaints, but says they have not been addressed. She says she’s mostly been told about amenities that are available.

“Whether things are finished now isn’t really the focus it’s why were we paying full cost of everything up until now?” Lee says.

Lee and other residents have contacted Purdue University’s Student Legal Services office to weigh their options. Director Leslie Charters declined to confirm if she has advised any students to pursue legal action, but says what’s happening at the Hub isn’t uncommon.

“The biggest issues that students face are landlord tenant situations,” Charters says.

Tenants are currently awaiting a response from Core Spaces before deciding whether to proceed with legal action.

A spokesperson for the company says Lee has been offered a release from her tenant agreement, but he could not comment on the potential lawsuit.