Tipp. Co. Airbnb Ordinance Doesn't Hurt Purdue Football Weekend Cashflow

Nov 16, 2018

Airbnb hosts are raking in more this year in Greater Lafayette than any year in the past.
Credit AFP / Getty Images

A bill passed earlier this year by the Indiana General Assembly allowing cities to charge registration fees to those who rent property on sites such as Airbnb doesn’t appear to have hurt revenues in Greater Lafayette.

Airbnb officials say fans flocking to Purdue home football games this fall ballooned the profits of Greater Lafayette Airbnb hosts, who made close to $34,000 from the 370 guests staying for the Ohio State game alone, which amounts to an average of about $91 per guest.

Airbnb usage in Tippecanoe County has risen considerably in the past 12 months.

"The past year we've seen 72% year-to-year growth in the number of guests," Airbnb Midwest spokesman Ben Breit says.

Breit says just on home football weekends this fall, renters spent close to $200,000 on Airbnb properties. Though Purdue played only six games in West Lafayette last season compared to seven this year, 2018’s per-game average for the area is still up by about $10,000 per weekend.