Cumberland Elementary School

Emilie Syberg / WBAA

Governor Eric Holcomb officially anointed the Say’s firefly the state insect of Indiana today at a bill signing at West Lafayette’s Cumberland Elementary School. 

Cumberland students dressed in bright colors and flashed glowing lights in the darkened gymnasium, emulating the newly-minted state insect. Parents, teachers, and even entomologists gathered to watch the bill take flight.

Two Years Later, Passion For Say's Firefly Still Glows

Mar 15, 2017
By Chris Morisse Vizza/WBAA News

State lawmakers, for a second year in a row, have clipped the wings of West Lafayette grade-school students who’ve been lobbying legislators to designate Say’s Firefly as the state insect.

Republican leaders in the Indiana House and Senate refused to hold hearings or vote on three bills that would recognize the species identified 190-years ago in New Harmony, Indiana by entomologist Thomas Say. 

The students say they’ll campaign for the firefly until state leaders see the light.

Chris Morisse Vizza

For a second time in 17 years, students from Tippecanoe County have traveled to the statehouse to advocate for a bill designating Say's Firefly as the state insect.

And, for a second time in as many years, the General Assembly elected to not take action on the bill.

The firefly activists, second- and third-graders at West Lafayette's Cumberland Elementary School, plan to shine a light on the topic until state lawmakers see things their way.

WL facilities strategic planning begins June 12

May 9, 2013

The West Lafayette Community School Corporation has a committee in place for its facilities strategic planning process.

Superintendent Rocky Killion says the 44 member panel will begin work in mid-June with tours of the buildings in the district.

“We have a lot of maintenance issues and I just want to make sure that we gauge community support on what we’re facing with our buildings,” he says. “And the second piece of it then is: Develop a plan or options we all might consider moving forward.”

New summer literacy program for WL students

Apr 10, 2013

A group of Cumberland Elementary students will get some additional reading help this summer. The school will offer a six week literacy course for those who need extra help.

Principal Kim Bowers says there are many reasons why a student might be chosen to participate in Cumberland Plus 1.

“Everyone has high standards and we want everyone to meet those standards, but sometimes you’re asking a five year old to meet standards that aren’t developmentally appropriate for them,” she says. “That means, the only thing that sometimes can help is more time.”

WL school board considering future space needs

Oct 5, 2012

Fourth grade students in the West Lafayette Community School Corporation could be housed at a different building in the future. Moving them to Cumberland School is one possible solution to space issues at Happy Hollow, which now holds 4th through 6th grades. Another option is adding classrooms onto Happy Hollow.

School Board President Alan Karpick says the corporation is in the early stages of addressing its space issues.

"To be able to properly take care of, from a capacity standpoint, the students that we have here and potentially prepare for continued growth."

IN Dept of Education releases IREAD-3 scores

May 15, 2012

Eighty-four percent of Indiana third grade students passed a new state-required reading assessment.

The Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination for grade three (IREAD-3) was first given at the end of March.

In Tippecanoe and surrounding counties, scores range from 100% passage at James Cole Elementary School in the Tippecanoe School Corporation, to 69% passing at Lafayette School Corporation’s Miami Elementary.

Cole Principal Mike Pinto says his school’s scores are the result of months of hard work and says the achievement is one of his proudest as an educator.