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Right now, Lafayette’s Five Points neighborhood looks like a twisted jumble of streets surrounded by businesses and homes in need of more than a little TLC.

But in a few years, city leaders think it’ll be a hub of rebirth, with developers sinking millions of dollars into replacing the old with the new.

What hasn’t been floated publicly in those talks is the G-word: gentrification. The neighborhoods surrounding Five Points have plenty of history, but also play host to many low- and middle-income Lafayette families. If investment comes in and raises the value of the property, would that drive some of those residents out of the market?

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we reflect on 2017 with Lafayette’s Tony Roswarski.

His city has finished some major construction projects, is waiting on some others and is dealing with public comments about both, including that flooding along the newly redone Main Street has gotten worse, not better.

Also, we talk about the ongoing debate over affordable housing in the city. Roswarski and other official opposed one plan for more low-income housing on the city’s south side, but the project’s developer simply moved to another site that didn’t require rezoning.

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

Despite objections from Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski, the Tippecanoe County Commissioners have voted to move ahead with trying to create a needle exchange program in the county. This week, on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we ask Mayor Roswarski if there’s a way his community can fight both the spread of communicable disease and the rise in drug-related crime it’s seen in the past couple years.

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Drivers can expect to see more of the large green and white directional signs that have recently popped up around Lafayette.

Economic Development Director Dennis Carson says the city plans to install more of the signs that are designed to point people to major destinations like Columbian Park, and music and arts venues.

City of Lafayette

Why is part of South Street closed?

Will the trees come back along Main Street?

When, oh when, will Sagamore Parkway be done?

Can the city construct a winning baseball team?

All those questions and more on this week's Ask The Mayor with Lafayette's Tony Roswarski.

City of Lafayette

A law signed by Governor Pence this week allows police greater flexibility in patrolling apartment complexes. Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski has a few on his list he’d like to see watched more closely, so today on Ask The Mayor, we’ll ask if the new law addresses a specific concern in his city as it tried to bring down some worrisome crime statistics.

Access Key To Construction On Lafayette Main Street Project

Mar 21, 2016
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Drivers in downtown Lafayette need to find alternate routes as construction rolls out on the Main Street streetscape project.

Lafayette Economic Development Director Dennis Carson says work is already underway on upper Main, between Tenth and Eleventh streets.

This week, crews will start work on Main near Fourth, then move progress east toward Eighth Street.

Advance Work Underway On Lafayette's Main Street Revamp

Oct 27, 2015
City of Lafayette

While contractors push to complete sidewalk improvements underway on Columbia Street in downtown Lafayette, the city is prepping for major renovations on Main Street next year.

The city signed a $4 million contract with Milestone Contractors to rebuild the sidewalks on Main Street between Fourth and Eighth streets.

Economic Development Director Dennis Carson says other amenities include planters, decorative lighting and widened sidewalks in places where people can congregate.